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Here Are The Top 10 BEST Moments We've Seen In The DC Extended Universe (So Far)
Warner Bros.' DC cinematic universe may have gotten off to a rough start, but that hasn't stopped it from showcasing some truly amazing moments over the last five years. Check out our list to see them all!

COMICS: Jim Lee Reveals The "Impactful" First Two Pages Of ACTION COMICS #1000
Legendary comic artist Jim Lee has released a sneak peek of his work in the upcoming Action Comics #1000, where he teams up with longtime Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis. Take a look after the jump...

SMALLVILLE Producer And DAREDEVIL Showrunner Steven DeKnight Is A Fan Of Zack Snyder's Superman
Before Steven S. DeKnight took charge of Daredevil and directed Pacific Rim Uprising, he was a producer on Smallville. Here, he talks about why he respects Zack Snyder's vision for the Man of Steel...

Nicolas Cage Will Finally Get His Chance To Play SUPERMAN In TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES
Nicolas Cage was famously cast as the Man of Steel in Tim Burton's defunct Superman Lives, but the actor will finally get his chance to bring life to the iconic DC hero in the animated Teen Titans movie...

If The U.S. Government Blocks The AT&T And Time Warner Merger, WB And DC Comics May Be Sold Separately
Those old memes about Disney buying Warner Bros. and/or DC Comics might actually come to pass if federal regulators end up blocking AT&T's purchase of Time Warner for a staggering $85.4 Billion USD.

Zack Snyder Shares A Never-Before-Seen Photo Of Henry Cavill As Superman From MAN OF STEEL
Ever since his firing came to light, Justice League director Zack Snyder has been quite active on Vero and now, he's released a never-before-seen image of Henry Cavill as Superman from Man of Steel!

Check Out The First Look At THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN, The Next DCU Direct-To-Video Animated Movie
A preview image from the upcoming direct-to-video animated feature, The Death of Superman is spotlighted on the iTunes Extras page for another upcoming WB Animated feature, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay.

COMICS: DC Reveals Another Batch Of Awesome Variant Covers For ACTION COMICS #1000
DC Comics is marking their upcoming milestone by releasing several variant covers for this highly-anticipated issue, and have just released seven of them, drawn by some of the biggest artists in comics...

Up, Up and Away! Return To SMALLVILLE With These Awesome New Funko Pop Vinyl Figures
These have been a long time coming but Funko has finally unveiled its Pop figures for Smallville and Clark Kent, Superman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and Green Arrow all get the spotlight. Check them out!

The First ACTION COMICS #1000 Retailer-Exclusive Variant Cover Has Been Announced
The Uncanny Comic Shop in Florida is the first store to announce their retailer-exclusive variant covers for Action Comics #1000. Read on for more info about DC's plans to celebrate the upcoming milestone!

10 DC And Marvel Actors Who Made Amazing Physical Transformations For Superhero Roles
Comic book superheroes are often depicted with incredibly unrealistic proportions and muscle structure. But that didn't stop these 10 actors and actresses from achieving something pretty close.

DC Developing Live-Action METROPOLIS TV Series Revolving Around Lois Lane And Lex Luthor
DC's planned digital service is developing another live-action series alongside Titans as it's been revealed today that Metropolis is in the works. What role, if any, will Superman end up playing? Well...

PACIFIC RIM UPRISING Director Refutes MAN OF STEEL Sequel Interest;Would Prefer If Zack Snyder Returned
Following speculation that he was interested in helming the Man of Steel sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising director Steven DeKnight has taken to Twitter to set the record straight and defend Zack Snyder...

RUMOR: Henry Cavill's Superman Will Reportedly Return For An Appearance In The SHAZAM! Movie
We'll have to take this with a pinch of salt for now, but if a new report is accurate, we won't have to wait until the Man of Steel sequel to see Henry Cavill back in action as The Big Blue Boy-scout!

MAN OF STEEL 2: Should The DCEU Bring Back Superman's Iconic Red Trunks For The Sequel?
DC Comics is bringing back Superman's red trunks for a significant anniversary, so should the same thing happen in the movies? Read on past the jump for a critical analysis of this very important issue...

Here's An Update On Where Things Currently Stand With Warner Bros.' MAN OF STEEL Sequel
With rumours swirling about the status of Man of Steel 2, a new report claims to shed some light on where things stand and it sounds like an announcement may finally be on the horizon. Check it out...

Check Out The Awesome Original Sunset Strip Promo Billboards For 1978's SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE
A Twitter user has shared images of the original Sunset Strip billboards that were used to promote Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie, one of which features the late Christoper Reeve in an iconic pose...

10 Executive Orders Walter Hamada Should Immediately Issue To Fix The DC Films Universe
Out-of-continuity spinoffs, an uncertain lineup of films, a potential reboot in Flashpoint and brand new leadership at the top. Can the DC Film Universe be saved? We've got some ideas for Walter Hamada.

Matthew Vaughn's Idea For A SUPERMAN Movie Back In 2008 Would Have Been A "Big, Vast Fun Epic"
Matthew Vaughn looked to comic book writer Mark Millar for help envisioning Man of Steel 2 but the Kick-Ass creator has now shed some light on what direction an earlier version could have taken...

Matthew Vaughn Wanted Mark Millar To Team Up With Him For MAN OF STEEL 2
Matthew Vaughn is being eyed by Warner Bros. to take the helm of Man of Steel 2 but comic book writer Mark Millar has now revealed that the filmmaker turned to him for help - here's why it didn't happen.

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