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Henry Cavill Hits The Gym In Preparation For His Imminent Return As SUPERMAN... Probably
Justice League actor Henry Cavill has shared a new workout video to Instagram, and while he doesn't come right out and say he's getting back in shape to play Superman again, it is definitely implied!...

RUMOR: Rocksteady Studios May Finally Unveil Their SUPERMAN Game At E3 Next Weekend
With E3 just around the corner, the rumor mill has never been hotter and earlier this weekend, a new report claims that Rocksteady may finally be ready to drop the veil on their long-rumored Superman game.

Zack Snyder Confirms The INJUSTICE Video Game Was One Of The Inspirations For His DC Cinematic Universe
Zack Snyder previously confirmed that he envisioned Man of Steel as the starting point for a 5-part cinematic reboot for Superman. It appears Injustice was going to inspire one or more of those films.

SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE Lois Lane Actress Margot Kidder Has Passed Away Aged 69
Some sad news to report today, as it's been announced that actress Margot Kidder, best known for playing Lois Lane in Richard Donner's Superman movies, has passed away at the age of 69. More past the jump.

MAN OF STEEL 2 Rumored To Be Taking Aim At A 2020 Release
There have been rumblings about a Man of Steel sequel for quite some time and according to one new report, Warner Bros. may be looking at bringing Superman back to the big screen two years from now...

Check Out An Awesome Trailer For New DC Animated Movie THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN
DC is known for making some great animated movies and The Death Of Superman will be one of their latest attempts at adapting a famous comic book storyline. Hit the jump for a first look at what to expect.

Zack Snyder Shares A New Photo Of Henry Cavill Wearing Christopher Reeve's SUPERMAN Costume
Today is Henry Cavill's 35th birthday, and to celebrate, director Zack Snyder has shared a new photo of the actor sporting the iconic costume worn by Christopher Reeve is the original Superman movie...

DC Universe TV Series METROPOLIS Is Now Being Redeveloped By The Streaming Service
Metropolis is currently being developed for new streaming service "DC Universe" but the latest word on the series is that Warner Bros. is going back to the drawing board to start over from scratch...

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT Director Christopher McQuarrie Would Helm MAN OF STEEL 2 If Henry Cavill Asked
With conversations about Man of Steel 2 re-emerging, Henry Cavill’s Mission Impossible: Fallout director has revealed that he’d happily helm the film if the star wanted him to. More past the jump...

Henry Cavill Seems Confident We'll See Superman Cross Paths With Shazam And Black Adam In The DCEU
There have been a lot of rumours about Superman's role in the world of Shazam and Black Adam in recent years and now Henry Cavill has weighed in on what could come next for the three heroes. Take a look...

SUPERMAN LIVES: New Test Footage From Tim Burton's Cancelled Man Of Steel Movie Emerges
We never got to see what Burton had in mind for the Man of Steel, but this previously unseen footage gives us some more insight into what Superman Lives would have been like. Take a look at the clip below!

Christopher McQuarrie Confirms Discussing MAN OF STEEL 2 Ideas With Henry Cavill While Filming M:I FALLOUT
Don't tell Paramount Pictures, but while filming Mission: Impossible — Fallout, director Christopher McQuarrie and co-star Henry Cavill were apparently working on ideas for a sequel to WB's Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill Talks More About His MAN OF STEEL 2 Hopes And The Status Of His DC Films Contract
Henry Cavill has once again opened up about his future as Superman in the DC Films Universe, teasing possible plans for Man of Steel 2 and addressing the status of his contract with Warner Bros.

JUSTICE LEAGUE Star Henry Cavill Weighs In On When He Might Next Play Superman
Justice League was something of a disappointment but it did deliver a Superman we've all been waiting to see so when might Henry Cavill return as the Man of Steel? Here's what the actor has to say...

Zack Snyder Originally Envisioned MAN OF STEEL As "Chapter One" Of A Five-Part Story
Zack Snyder's plans for the DC Films Universe came to a sudden end when Joss Whedon replaced him on Justice League but it's now been revealed that he had a grand plan for Superman's story arc in the DCEU.

SMALLVILLE Star Allison Mack Arrested For Her Role In Abusive Sex Cult "NXIVM"
Best known to comic book fans for playing the adorable (or annoying depending on your outlook) Chloe Sulivan in Superman TV series Smallville, Allison Mack has been arrested today for horrifying crimes.

JUSTICE LEAGUE Actor Henry Cavill Shares A Heartfelt Tribute To SUPERMAN On The DC Hero's 80th Anniversary
Today is Superman's 80th birthday, and Justice League & Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has taken to social media to share a tribute to the iconic DC Comics hero who continues to inspire him. Take a look...

Tom Welling And Michael Rosenbaum Express Interest In A SMALLVILLE Revival - But In Animated Form
During a Smallville panel with Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum at Awesome-Con, both actors expressed interest in reprising their respective roles, albeit in a Smallville animated series! Check it out...

Alex Ross Recreates The ACTION COMICS #1 Cover For An Awesome New SUPERMAN Lithograph
Comic artist Alex Ross has made some pretty iconic superhero artwork, and his take on one of the greatest covers of all time certainly does not disappoint. Check out this amazing lithograph past the jump!

THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN Sneak Peek Reveals The First Footage From DC's Upcoming Animated Feature
After revealing the cast for their upcoming animated film, DC has released a sneak peek for The Death of Superman, which gives us a first glimpse of some action-packed footage. Check it out after the jump.

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