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SUPERMAN's New Suit In The Upcoming CW Spinoff Series Has Seemingly LEAKED Online
Superman & Lois was recently given a series order by The CW, and now some concept art has seemingly leaked online showing the redesigned, Rebirth-inspired costume Tyler Hoechlin's Man of Steel will wear...

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: Barry Allen Meets Barry Allen In Awesome New Photos From Last Night's Finale
In an age where surprises are extremely hard to pull off, last night's two-part "Crisis on Infinite Earths" finale managed to give us one of the best in recent memory when Barry Allen met Barry Allen.

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Wraps Up With A Universe-Altering Big Bang (& One HUGE Movie Cameo)
The CW's five-part "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event finally came to a close tonight with a pretty stellar finale, as Oliver Queen and the Paragons found a way to rebirth the multiverse...

SUPERMAN & LOIS TV Series Ordered Straight To Series By The CW; Will Air During 2020/2021 Season
In a move that's considered a rarity for The CW, Superman & Lois will bypass the traditional pilot stage and receive a straight to series order ahead of a debut that looks likely for this Fall...

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Final Trailer Sees Oliver Queen Rejoin The Fight & Previews The Epic Battle To Come
Over the weekend, Arrow star Stephen Amell shared the action-packed final trailer for the five-part "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event, showcasing the Paragons taking on the Anti-Monitor!

New CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Poster Provides Our First Look At Oliver Queen As The Spectre
This is probably not how fans expected to get a first glimpse of Ollie as Spectre, but this poster for Crisis on Infinite Earths does indeed give us a look at the new identity of the former Green Arrow.

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Part 4 Stills Put Multiverse's Final Heroes On The Ropes Against The Anti-Monitor
The CW has released a gallery of new images from the fourth part of Crisis on Infinite Earths, which see Earth's remaining heroes assembling to try to save the Multiverse form the villainous Anti-Monitor.

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Promo Teases What's To Come In The Final Two Chapters Of The Crossover
With the Multiverse destroyed by the Anti-Monitor, only a handful of heroes are left. Now, a new promo teases what comes next for them as the Flash and company look to rebuild everything they've lost...

BLACK PANTHER Star Michael B. Jordan Says His Take On SUPERMAN Would Be Authentic To The Comics
It was recently reported that Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther) had pitched a new take on Superman to Warner Bros., and the actor has now shed some light on what he would bring to the role if that happens!

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Part Four & Part Five Synopses Promise To Change The DC TV Landscape Forever
With just around three weeks to go, The CW has released the plot descriptions for "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four" and "Part Five," which tease an epic conclusion to the five-part crossover event.

SUPERMAN: RED SON Gets An Official Release Date; Will Include Teaser For JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: APOKOLIPS WAR
Following Tuesday's action-packed trailer, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has officially revealed the release date and special features for their upcoming Elseworlds tale, Superman: Red Son!

SUPERMAN: RED SON Trailer Sees The Russian Man Of Steel Bring Superpowers To The Cold War
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released the first trailer for the animated adaptation of Superman: Red Son, and it's fair to say that this should make fans of Mark Millar's acclaimed comic very happy.

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Gets An Awesome New Poster; Plus Spoiler & BTS Photos From The First Three Hours
The CW has released a new poster and a handful of spoiler-y photos from the third hour of Crisis on Infinite Earths. In addition, we also have a ton of behind-the-scenes shots from the cast. Take a look...

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Finale Promo Sees Humanity Make Its Last Stand Against The Anti-Monitor
After another thrilling hour, "Crisis on Infinite Earths" left us with one helluva cliffhanger, and the countdown is now on for January as we await the fate of the Paragons and the entire DC multiverse!

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: PART 3 Promo Brings More Heroes Into The Fray; Check Out The SMALLVILLE Scene
"...It's time for Flash to vanish." - After a Super-installment of "Crisis on Infinite Earths," tomorrow night's chapter looks to up the ante even further as the Scarlet Speedster makes his last stand.

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: Marc Guggenheim Confirms That They Reached Out To Nic Cage To Play Superman
Back in October, Crisis on Infinite Earths showrunner Marc Guggenheim joked on Twitter about reaching out to Nicolas Cage to star in the crossover. However, it turns out he wasn't actually kidding...

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: Harbinger Assembles DC TV's Finest In Foreboding Sneak Peek At Tomorrow's Crossover
The CW has released the first sneak peek clip from this Sunday's opening hour of "Crisis on Infinite Earths," featuring an ominous preview of things to come as Harbinger assembles DC TV's finest.

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS "Extended Trailer" Reveals Another Superman And More Amazing Team-Ups
The latest trailer for Crisis on Infinite Earths reveals a world where the Man of Steel fell to Lex Luthor along with plenty of other must-see new details and team-ups in what looks set to be a true epic!

STAR WARS Director J.J.Abrams Says He Hasn't Met With Warner Bros. About SUPERMAN...Yet
Director J.J. Abrams is currently doing the rounds to promote Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and following Bad Robot's new deal with WarnerMedia, he's now weighed in on whether Superman is next for him!

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Has Begun! - Revisit THE FLASH & ARROW Endings; Plus First Look At Jim Corrigan
Following two stellar installments of The Flash and Arrow, the Crisis is finally here, and it's not looking good for Earth-1 as the Anti-Monitor and his wave of energy seeks to destroy the multiverse!

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